Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Wonderful Day Goes By :)

Hello, people of the world!
It is I, Alyssa, starting my very first blog. :D
It's a Sunday, and it is 19.7.2009.
I love love love you!
Oh ma gaa, her birthday party was *speechless. It was rather boring *sorry to say, love. :/ at first but we *dena, shasha, shyahirah, aneesa, azrie *yes he was there, he's everywhere!, fadhli, shaheen and a few other people made it one hell of a party! we played waterballoons, and we got wet *OBVIOUSLY -.-"
So yeah,
then, we played football, then we *the girls went cycling in front of shasha's house and we made fun of the Indian security guard! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! it was funny. good times, good times. :)
right after the party was over, i slept! HO YEAH! and now I am regretfully FAT!
URGH! Damn it. but whatever shit! No worries. :D
Did you know? I haven't touched any of my homeworks and tomorrow is a school day. I am gonna die. Teehee. :P Only lame people do homeworks *no offense kawans! I don't do homeworks coz well, I am an awesome person. :DD
Oh well, it's time for me to go now.
So, TTFN. ;)

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