Saturday, July 25, 2009

26th July 2009 SUCKS!

AHHH, Internet can really be a BABI at times. I've got a project that I might have to send in by tomorrow and I haven't even started. Luckily, my best girlfriend, SARAH, emailed hers *don't worry I won't tiru*. Now, I'm not that worried about doing it but having a hard time to explain to teacher about this tomorrow. I AM SO GONNA GET SOME SPANKINGS FROM *you know who. :s AHH, today is a really stressful day, I can't install my SIMS 3 because my mum is like everywhere. She's always checking up on me. MA, I'm fine. GO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! :) And I was suppose to go to Sofia's HOUSE today but instead she had to watch HARRY POTTER with her family * baru nak tengok. :D HAHA. And I :'( ter-koyak kan my sejarah paper! AHHHHHHH! God, I'm suffering.And I am a COMPLETE NOOB when it comes to this BLOG-thingy. -___-" "Haih, alyssa so stupid", my sister said. SHUT UP LAH, bodoh! I'm not as MAJU as you, okay! Okay, yesterday, I had a great time at HANNA's birtday party. I was so HYPER *I have no idea why* I was shouting here and there until I lost my voice. HAIH, alyssa very the idiot lah. ;) So yeah, I'm gonna go NOW.

XOXO, Alyssa MF.

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