Saturday, July 25, 2009

26th July 2009 SUCKS!

AHHH, Internet can really be a BABI at times. I've got a project that I might have to send in by tomorrow and I haven't even started. Luckily, my best girlfriend, SARAH, emailed hers *don't worry I won't tiru*. Now, I'm not that worried about doing it but having a hard time to explain to teacher about this tomorrow. I AM SO GONNA GET SOME SPANKINGS FROM *you know who. :s AHH, today is a really stressful day, I can't install my SIMS 3 because my mum is like everywhere. She's always checking up on me. MA, I'm fine. GO MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! :) And I was suppose to go to Sofia's HOUSE today but instead she had to watch HARRY POTTER with her family * baru nak tengok. :D HAHA. And I :'( ter-koyak kan my sejarah paper! AHHHHHHH! God, I'm suffering.And I am a COMPLETE NOOB when it comes to this BLOG-thingy. -___-" "Haih, alyssa so stupid", my sister said. SHUT UP LAH, bodoh! I'm not as MAJU as you, okay! Okay, yesterday, I had a great time at HANNA's birtday party. I was so HYPER *I have no idea why* I was shouting here and there until I lost my voice. HAIH, alyssa very the idiot lah. ;) So yeah, I'm gonna go NOW.

XOXO, Alyssa MF.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Hello there, whoah, it's been days, hasn't it? :) I went to school. Yes, cool people go to school. :D anyway, then i recessed with my best buddies *yeah, you know who you are. Oomagaa, Sabrina was a total nutcase. At first she'll be talking without even inhaling or exhaling then she'll be smiling on her own like a lunatic who had just been released from some crazy hospital. HAHAHAHAHA, I miss those days when you were wearing braces, dear friend. :) Oh after that, Sofia was like competing with me *umm, i know it's very UN-lady like but what the heck?. We competed against each other on who burps the loudest WINS! And unfortunately for her, I won! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, stupid, ain't it? :D Then, everyone thought that my cookies were fantastic, Intan said it tasted like cotton candy *wookayy,akward. And Sabrina brought brownies, at first she was so proud to tell us that she baked brownies all by herself. EMM, amat betullah tu. It was delicious, and it was "HOME MADE" =.=" *if you get what I mean. Then, recess was over *obviously* and pravetha sat beside me in class and she made me laugh like a hyena at the back of the class. She didn't do it on purpose, she was just spontaniously funny today. HAHHAHAHA. Then, because of her, I was punished by my teacher. URGH, darn that annoying teacher. Nak demerit, demerit je lah. He was mumbling and mumbling in his own hoping that I would understand what the hell he was saying -.-' Yeah, tomorrow's my sister's 21st birthday party and I have no idea what to wear. Well, whatever I'll just pull something out from my closet and put 'em on. :D Well, I have to go now. It's 1.50 am. :/ But I'm not sleepy. :) at all. So yeah.

So Long.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Amazing, ey?

Mind the title, I was out of ideas. :D
What's up? I'm fasting today and I feel awesome. :)
OMG, I love the song "The Saltwater Room" by Owl City. Thanks, Nadiah <3
The song sounds so pleasant and very menenangkan, I do need that eversince I'm down.
Did I tell you? Tom Felton *my man! paid a visit today, yeah. It was cool. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
ARGH! Tomorrow'a a very important day to my sister, HANNA! :)
She's turning 21 and I have no idea what to get for her?
Oh, well. I'll think of something. :)
Nadiah, I'm sorry I didn't reply your text, I was out of credit. Sorry
And NO no homework for the day. :DD
Oh, my friend, Sabrina and I made a video and posted it on YOUTUBE! Check it out! :)
Please don't insult us! We were just having a good time.
Okay, I have to be off now. :)

I have learnt 6 Kelantan words ;)
1. Enay- Enam
2. Makay- Makan
3. Tok Sey- Tak Nak *Don't have to pronouce the "Y"
4. Lapay- Lapan
5. Paka- Pakai
6. Apasay- Apa sal

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Strong Imagination :D

My Man! number one ;P
Tom Felton, like oh ma gaa, you've got to be crazy if you don't think this guy is GOWGEOUS!
He is *read my lips, MINE! M

My Man! number two ;P
Shia Labeouf, he's average! 50-50. :) but still he's mine
! He's aite.

Well then, just to remind you, THEY ARE MINE!
TTFN. :)

Another Wonderful Day Goes By :)

Hello, people of the world!
It is I, Alyssa, starting my very first blog. :D
It's a Sunday, and it is 19.7.2009.
I love love love you!
Oh ma gaa, her birthday party was *speechless. It was rather boring *sorry to say, love. :/ at first but we *dena, shasha, shyahirah, aneesa, azrie *yes he was there, he's everywhere!, fadhli, shaheen and a few other people made it one hell of a party! we played waterballoons, and we got wet *OBVIOUSLY -.-"
So yeah,
then, we played football, then we *the girls went cycling in front of shasha's house and we made fun of the Indian security guard! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! it was funny. good times, good times. :)
right after the party was over, i slept! HO YEAH! and now I am regretfully FAT!
URGH! Damn it. but whatever shit! No worries. :D
Did you know? I haven't touched any of my homeworks and tomorrow is a school day. I am gonna die. Teehee. :P Only lame people do homeworks *no offense kawans! I don't do homeworks coz well, I am an awesome person. :DD
Oh well, it's time for me to go now.
So, TTFN. ;)