Friday, July 24, 2009


Hello there, whoah, it's been days, hasn't it? :) I went to school. Yes, cool people go to school. :D anyway, then i recessed with my best buddies *yeah, you know who you are. Oomagaa, Sabrina was a total nutcase. At first she'll be talking without even inhaling or exhaling then she'll be smiling on her own like a lunatic who had just been released from some crazy hospital. HAHAHAHAHA, I miss those days when you were wearing braces, dear friend. :) Oh after that, Sofia was like competing with me *umm, i know it's very UN-lady like but what the heck?. We competed against each other on who burps the loudest WINS! And unfortunately for her, I won! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, stupid, ain't it? :D Then, everyone thought that my cookies were fantastic, Intan said it tasted like cotton candy *wookayy,akward. And Sabrina brought brownies, at first she was so proud to tell us that she baked brownies all by herself. EMM, amat betullah tu. It was delicious, and it was "HOME MADE" =.=" *if you get what I mean. Then, recess was over *obviously* and pravetha sat beside me in class and she made me laugh like a hyena at the back of the class. She didn't do it on purpose, she was just spontaniously funny today. HAHHAHAHA. Then, because of her, I was punished by my teacher. URGH, darn that annoying teacher. Nak demerit, demerit je lah. He was mumbling and mumbling in his own hoping that I would understand what the hell he was saying -.-' Yeah, tomorrow's my sister's 21st birthday party and I have no idea what to wear. Well, whatever I'll just pull something out from my closet and put 'em on. :D Well, I have to go now. It's 1.50 am. :/ But I'm not sleepy. :) at all. So yeah.

So Long.

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